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Hello, my name is Heinrich. I am a German and  living in Duesseldorf in the center of Germany.



I am  55 years-of-age and became 27 years ago a christian. At that time I made a "Saul to Paul" experience. You can read more about it in

Under the Spell of evil Magic

It is a true autobiographical story with a dangerous wrong way and a dramatic outcome. It would be really pity, if you would miss it.

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My final hope:

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Comment posted by Al Beatty, 08.04.2013 um 13:52 (UTC):
Looney tunes

Comment posted by, 19.01.2011 um 11:42 (UTC):
Hi Heinrich!!

My name is Rafa. I'm 25 and I'm spanish. I read your bad bishop article at, and after that, I don't know why, I followed the link to this, your blog. I was hoping to find a chess blog, but well, I told myself, let's take a look, so I began reading "the visit of the lord".

I like your story. I'm 25 and I'm watching behind the curtains, many time ago... I got a family who believe the 4th dimension, and we've got a very special friend, who speaks us about it it, and teaches us also how to take our life in the best way. He's "very special", a person who should not be living here again, he has reached the "top", but he comes back only to help. Wonderful, isn't it? :D

I'm moving to Berlin, first March, to work as a trainee.. and as you said, things happens not by casuality, they always have a "later". And look! You're german!! Living at Dusseldorf! I don't know why, but that simple thing is now telling me something. I like to know that there are more people in the world that is able to believe and see behind the curtains, it always makes me happy. I don't know if we'll meet in the future, or what, but well, I just wanted to say that... Hi Heinrich!!

Kind Regards from Spain, and hope to see more articles from you at

Bye!! :D :D

Comment posted by rogerdee, 24.01.2010 um 02:48 (UTC):

I have been transfixed by your story, my brother! The narratives are logically placed, detailed, and truly believable. I follow your Christian journey with interest and joy.

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