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Name:Roger D Paterson MD
Time:23.01.2010 um 02:23 (UTC)
Message:To be a new-born Christian is best to share with others.
I am 79, just starting my chess career to see how far I can proceed.
That "fourth dimension" is not visible but as real as the eternal power and reality of the God who created the universe and us!

Time:05.09.2008 um 13:39 (UTC)
Message:hey...i was really interested in your story please tell me if you finish the second part im RaZhan-K of 13 and turned into a christian for many reasons and i want to know what happened to you so i can benefit from you

Name:Duke Mader
Time:14.08.2008 um 14:46 (UTC)
Message:I hope to absorb some of your knowledge so that I may better know who I am.
the sun rises
the sun sets
and the corn grows.

life: no refills

Time:20.07.2008 um 06:03 (UTC)
Message:I just dropped by to check out your webpage and read your story... let me know when it's finished. :)

Time:18.07.2008 um 13:39 (UTC)
Message:Hi Heinrich!

I like your story and can't wait for the other..
Do you know why? Because now, I am most or less in the same situation like you!! I am 27 now and just started new life here in Australia, alone (I am from Indonesia and all my family are there). But, this is just the beginning.. I still have to choose and take the next path of my life! And I am still confused about that until now! Maybe this is God's will that I met by you in game of chess and could also read story that might inspire and encourage me to be brave to seek my happiness! Looking forward for the next story (and I hope not weekly, it's too long for me) hahaha...